When You Arrive At The Gym…..

Come on in...the flipping is fine!

Parking:  Please be mindful of parking.  There are only so many spots in the front of the building.  However, you are more than welcome to park your vehicle facing the street in the area on the side of the building (off the asphalt).  We also have a parking lot in the back of the building.

Please be ON TIME, IF NOT A FEW MINUTES EARLY.  This is such an essential piece to the success of class for so many children. Even if they are one minute late, they feel like they missed something huge.

Our locker room:  Our locker room is filled with cubbies to put all of your belongings in when you enter the building.  Please leave all valuables at home.   eNVy Gymnastics, Inc. is not responsible lost, damaged, or stolen items. 

We also have a bathroom that we highly recommended using before class, a water fountain to fill up water bottles, and a changing room.

When ready, students can then wait in the lobby until called into class by their instructor.  Please do not hang out in the locker room. It’s more difficult to hear your instructor call you in!

Once called into the gym, the students will begin their warm up.  Adults are more than welcome to wait in our lobby.  We do have open viewing, but the area directly in front of the opening is limited.  

Viewing:  We do not necessarily limit the number of spectators that students can have watch their class, however, we do ask that you keep in mind the limited space in the lobby.    We ask that everyone in the building be respectful of others and the staff.  Conversely, students can simply be dropped off as well. 

The only group that one adult must stay consistently is our TumbleTots:  our 3 year old independent students.  

Your Child’s Checklist

Before Arriving at the Gym…..


Have you prepared them for gymnastics?  Yes…there should be preparation if you expect success!  Have they ever been to our facility?  An initial tour is a fantastic ice breaker!  Have you talked to them about taking class?  If they are very young, do they know they are going to be taking the class without you in the gym like a big boy/girl?  Have your older children been evaluated to ensure they are in the proper class?  All of these factors will help ease the process tremendously.  We can help you every step of the way.

Still a little nervous?  Did you know that we offer a FREE trial class to those new to our program?  We want you to love us and feel secure in your decision.  A trial class can help the unsure student ease into our program.  Not ready after the trial class?  We hope you will give us a try at another time.

Are they feeling well?  Children who are genuinely sick are not going to perform to the best of their ability in class. They are also going to spread germs to their classmates, teachers and throughout the gym and run the risk of serious injury due to lack of energy and focus.  If your child is sick please call and schedule a make-up class.

Are they dressed appropriately?  Appropriate gymnastics attire is comfortable clothing that allows for movement such as leggings, sweat pants, yoga pants, soft athletic shorts, tee shirts, and tank tops.  Leotards for girls are the best choice but are not required.  They fit tight to the body and allow for total body movement with no restrictions. Boys should come dressed in tee shirts and soft shorts with no buttons or zippers.  Please avoid dresses, skirts, tights (especially footed), dance skirts, 2-piece outfits (sports bras), jewelry, zippers, or jeans.

Is their hair pulled back?  We often joke that our instructors are part time hair dressers!!  We don’t mind doing ponytails, but we would prefer you give it a try before they get here.  It is our policy that all hair must be out of our students’ face while in class.

Do they have a water bottle?  Students get an opportunity several times during class to grab a quick sip of water to refuel/refresh in between rotations.  This is vital during exercise.  We have a drink station inside the gym that all students put their water bottles on.  You can bring a water bottle with you to class or we sell water at the gym.  Please do not bring anything other than water because spills become a much bigger problem with juice than they are with water. Younger children have an easier time identifying a unique water bottle since not all of them can read quite yet.  We do have a water cooler in the locker room, but it is not recommended that students rely on a little cup of water to suffice for an entire class.