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We are open for registration for the 2020 – 2021 season!


Our website has been updated to reflect our offerings. 
This is the first time in over 10 years that we have had to start completely from scratch with our schedule to accommodate the “new norm.” We ask for your patience as we navigate this process with our staff and clients.

New procedures:  Please read through this section below carefully.  Make sure that you are comfortable with our new procedures.  We are continually working to keep the gym as safe and clean as possible for everyone. 

Release Form:  This is found on the FORMS page.  We have a new online release form system.  During quarantine, the company we were using for the past two years went out of business.  We are now using a new company and need a new form from everyone.  Please include all siblings…you never know when someone will get invited to a party or a special event.  Completing a release form does not enroll a student in anything, but it is a necessary step to the enrollment process.  It also helps us rebuild our database.  

Covid Release: This is also found on the FORMS page.  We will need one from each family.  Please include all siblings. 

Classes:  Browse through our classes page.  See if any of the class times will work.  Keep in mind that we are running a limited schedule with even smaller class sizes.  We will hopefully add more classes as needed.  Also, we are open to suggestions.  If you would like to open your own class with a few friends, we have availability during the day.  Just let us know!

You will only be officially enrolled in a class once payment is made.  To do this, you must give the gym a call at 401.624.1403.  We can go over details and answer any questions you may have.

Current Members:  a current member is a family that has paid their yearly family registration fee within the past year.  Current members are able to sign up a few days before registration is completely open to everyone.  

Current member registration begins on Friday, August 21, 2020.

New Members:  registration begins on Monday, August 24, 2020.

Session 1:  August 31 - October 25

Arrival:   Gymnasts will be driven to the front of the building and wait in the car until a staff member comes out to greet you.  Everyone in the car should be wearing a mask during this time.  A staff member will screen each gymnast:  temperature and symptom check.  Temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and gymnasts displaying any symptoms will not be allowed in the building.   Once the gymnast is cleared, they will be escorted by the staff member into the gym.  The lobby floor is marked with tape to show where to go from there.  We will be keeping our locker room open.  Please bring as little as possible into the building.  Be already dressed in gym attire.  You are welcome to wear a tee shirt/tank/shorts over your leotard, but please keep all electronics, etc. at home.  Once everything is placed in a cubby in the locker room, each gymnast will be required to apply hand sanitizer to their hands and feet before entering the gym area.  Once in the gym area, they will have a specific spot to sit and wait for beginning instructions.

Students enrolled in a You and Me Toddler class are to enter the building with the ONE adult that will be participating in the class with them after both have been screened outside the building.  

Students enrolled in a TumbleTots (3 years independent) class are expected to enter in the building with one adult.  Both child and adult will be screened before entering the building.  The adult will be expected to remain in the waiting room for the duration of the class.

All gymnasts attending a TumbleKids class or older (ages 4 & up) will be screened outside of the building before entering.  These students are expected to be able to take their class on their own.  We can discuss any concerns!

We understand that this temporary procedure will not sit well with everyone, as many of you like to stay and watch your child's class/practice.  Please know that we are trying to do everything we can to stay as safe as possible and eliminating traffic will hopefully help our cause.  

Each student will be dismissed out our back entrance.  Please park in our back parking lot and wait for them to come to the door.

Each gymnast needs to bring: a water bottle. We will be discouraging the use of our water system for safety. 

What we are doing on our end in the gym....

Our staff will be screened upon every entrance into the building.

The gym is cleaned completely everyday.  We hope everyone has seen throughout the years the pride we take in this process.  It has always been a top priority.  We will be stepping up our game even more so.   Everything will be wiped down several times daily.  Anything that cannot be easily wiped down will be sprayed with a sanitizer.  We also use steam sanitizers daily.

Masks: A new mandate has dictated that everyone entering the gym or participating in programs at the gym is required to wear a mask, with the exception of You and Me Toddlers, who are typically ages 2 and under.

Class size:  We have capped the number of students in the gym at a time, making our class size and the amount of classes offered per hour much smaller.  

We plan to keep the gymnasts distanced as much as possible...at least 6 feet.

Protocols change everyday.  We just ask that everyone please be patient and understanding during this time.  Let's try to get back into the swing of things!